APDCL Easy Pay Partner Job in Assam


APDCL Easy Pay Partner Job in Assam

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 APDCL Easy Pay Partner Job in Assam

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APDCL EasyPay is a software designed for easy, safe and secure collections of monthly revenue from the electricity consumers of APDCL which can be operated from Smart Phone through a mobile app called “APDCL EasyPay” and the receipt can be immediately generated from a portable thermal printer, as well as payment acknowledgement will be sent through SMS immediately to the registered mobile number of the consumer.

Scope of Operational Area

The Agent is hereby authorized to collect electricity bills from the consumers of APDCL with the help of a mobile app called “APDCL EasyPay” under the jurisdiction of _____________________________________ Electrical Sub-division only under _____________________________Electrical Circle of APDCL.

TheEasyPay system will be emphasized in the rural areas (outside RAPDRP/IPDS ring fenced areas) and in the areas with low revenue collection efficiency. 

The areas operating under Collection Based Distribution Franchisees (CBDF) will be kept out of the purview of the EasyPay operation.

The EasyPay agent will be able to collect bills from the consumers within the respective ESD only. 

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The Agent solemnly declare the following:

The Agent is a permanent resident of the operational area, i.e. within the jurisdiction of the concerned ESD with valid electricity connection (self-certified, if in the name of ancestor, and subject to verification by APDCL to its satisfaction) substantiated by latest electricity bill.

The Agent has no outstanding dues to APDCL.

The Agent have or will set up a permanent contact point in the operational area (i.e. within the jurisdiction of the ESD)

The Agent isnot a regular/permanent employee of APDCL/AEGCL/APGCL.

Process of Operation

The selected agent can opt for either of the two systems for acting as Easy Pay Operator:

Option-I: The Agent can operate the system himself/herself without any sub-agent (s) under him/her.

Option-II: The Agent can employ sub-agent (s) for working on behalf of him/her. In this option only the sub-agents will be allowed to collect money and the main agent will not be allowed to collect money

Deposit by Agents:
The agent shall deposit money in advance to operate the app. 

Initial deposit shall not be less than Rs. 10000/- per user ID. 

Subsequent deposits have to be in multiple of rupees thousand only.

The agent(s) will be able to operate the app only to the extent of available balance in his credit.

Mode of collection:

The agent is free to avail any legal mode of collection using any financial instruments from the consumers at its discretion in its commercial interest. Adoption of any illegal means to collect payment from consumers will attract civil as well as criminal proceedings, as the case may be, at the discretion of APDCL. 

Commission to agent
The agent will be entitled for a commission at the rate of 3% of the amount collected. Applicable GST will be added. The entitlement will be only on the amount collected by the Agents against Energy bills and not on amount deposited. 

All commission earned will automatically get credited to Agent’s account under EasyPay on real time basis.

Necessary statutory deduction will be made from the amount entitled at source.

Rate of commission is the sole discretion of APDCL and binding on the agent. 

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Download Draft Agreement For Easypay

Residence Type Self Declaration Form

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