Assam Police GK Session 6 : SI, AB UB, Secretariat, Transport, Agriculture, DSE, DME, Irrigation Exam


Assam Police GK Session 6 : SI, AB UB, Secretariat, Transport, Agriculture, DSE, DME, Irrigation Exam

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151. What is the maximum gap between two sessions of a
• 6 months

152. Which of the following personalities gave ‘The Laws of
• G.J. Mendel

153. Name the person who was also known as Deshbandhu.
• Chittaranjan Das

154. Geet Govind is a famous creation of
• Jayadev

155. In which year did the Cabinet Mission arrived in India?
• 1946

156. Panchayati Raj comes under
• State list

157. Harshcharita and KadamBari are the works of
• Bana Bhatta

158. When did the war of Americans Independence take
• 1776

159. Which of the following is the largest and the deepest
ocean of the world?
• Pacific

160. SAARC was formed in
• 1985

161. Which Country is Called the Land of White Elephants
• Thailand

162. Which Country is Called the Land of Morning Sun
• Japan

163. Which City is Called the Land of Thousand Lakes
• Finland

164. Which City is Called the Land of Midnight Sun
• Norway

165. The Land of Kangaroos’ is called
• Australia

166. The longest day is
• June 21st

167. Dronacharya awards are given to the
• Coach

168. Arjuna award is given to the field of
• Games and Sports

169. Which is the highest Civilian award in India
• Bharata Ratna

170. Gnanapeeta award is given in the field of
• Literature

171. Dadasaheb award is given in the field of
• Cinema

172. Who was the founder of Sikh Religion
• Guru Nanak

173. What is the ratio of the length and breadth of the Indian
National Flag
• 3:2

174. Which is the lowest unit of Local Government
• Gram Panchayat

175. The famous dance Kathakali is related to which state
• Kerala

176. Gol Gumbaz is at
• Bijapur

177. Who invented Logarithm tables?
• John Napier

178. Malfunctioning of which organ causes jaundice?
• Liver

179. Where was India's first atomic power station set up?
• Tarapur (Maharashtra)

180. How many fundamental Rights are mentioned in Indian
• Six

181. Which of the Article/Articles cannot be suspended even
during emergency?
• Article 20 and 21

182. Who was the first Viceroy of India?
• Lord Canning

183. What is the minimum age required to become vice
president of India?
• 35 Years

184. NITI Aayog has been formed to replace which of the
following institution?
• Planning Commission

185. How many types of writ are there in the Indian
• 5

186. How many Fundamental Duties are mentioned in Indian
• Eleven

187. In Indian constitution, the method of election of President
has been taken from which country?
• Ireland

188. Who administers the oath of the President of India?
• Chief Justice of India

189. Which article of Indian constitution has the provision for
National Emergency?
• Article 352

190. How many members of upper house (Rajya Sabha) can be
nominated by President of India?
• 12

191. Which of the Amendments is also knownas the 'Mini
Constitution' of India?
• 42nd Amendment

192. The jammu and Kashmir state legislative assembly has a
tenure of
• 6 years

193. Appointments for all India Services are made by
• President

194. The Sharda Act is related to
• Child Marriage

195. The Chairman of NITI Ayog is
• Prime Minister

196. Which planet is considered as the Dwarf planet?
• Pluto

197. What is the name of the tropical cyclones in the China
• Typhoon

198. The Himalayas is the example of
• Fold mountains

199. The largest irrigation canal in India is
• Indira Gandhi canal

200. Name the scientist who first declared that the earth
revolves around the sun?

• Copernicus

1. Which ‘Englishmen was fellow of Gandhiji in South Africa?
Ans - Polak

2. By which number the quality of gasoline’ sample is determined?
Ans - By its octane number 

3. Which state's Chief Minister has launched the Jai Kisan Debt? 
Ans - Madhya Pradesh

4. Who is the first Indian athlete to be nominated at the Laureus World Sports Award? 
Ans - Vinesh Phogat

5. Due to bite of mad dog the disease hydrophobia is caused by which virus?
Ans - Rabies virus 

6. Who appoints the Chief Election Commissioner of India?
Ans - President 

7. Who is the youngest Grandmaster of India? 
Ans - D. Gukesh

8. Which Swimmer has won 7 gold medals in the Khelo India Youth Games? 
Ans - Srihari Nataraj

9. Who has been chosen for Oscar Wilde Award? 
Ans - Glenn Close 

10. What is the principal reason for the formation of metamorphic rocks?
Ans - Extreme heat and pressure 

11. Who said “I therefore want freedom immediately, this very night, before dawn if it can be had”?
Ans - Mahatma Gandhi 

12. Who has presented a commemorative coin of Rs 350? 
Ans - Narendra Modi

13. Who has resigned from the post of coach of Indian football team? 
Ans - Stefan Constantine

14. A temperature at which both the Fahrenheit and the centigrade scales have the same value?
Ans - -40° 

15. With which is the ‘Tennis court oath’ associated?
Ans - French Revolution 

16. Who has won 'Sushila Devi Sahitya Puraskar'? 
Ans - Namita Gokhale

17. Indian Army Day is celebrated on? 
Ans - January 15

18. Which is the tax that takes away a higher proportion of one’s income as the income rises?
Ans - Progressive tax 

19. Where is the Sargasso sea located?
Ans - North Atlantic Ocean

20. Who has been awarded the Philip Kotler Presidential Award for the first time? 
Ans - Narendra Modi

21. Who is the youngest Indian, win the Kids Golf World Championship? 

Ans - Kartik Singh

22. Who com merited that Cripps Mission was a postdated cheque on a crashing bank?
Ans - Mahatma Gandhi

23. Medicine for epilepsy is obtain from which lichen?
Ans - Parmelia 

24. In which state has started the three-days 'Fish Festival 2019'? 
Ans - West Bengal

25. Armed Forces Ex-servicemen's Day has been celebrated on? 
Ans - January 14

26. Up to howmuch age can the Members of the Union Public Service Commission function?
Ans - 65 years 

27. Which type of glass is used for making glass reinforced plastic?
Ans - Quartz glass

28. Which cricketer has received membership of the SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground)? 
Ans - Virat Kohli

29. Which state government launched Ama Ghara LED scheme? 
Ans - Odisha 

30. Which is the greatest known ocean depth (which lies in the Pacific Ocean)?
Ans - 11,033 m

31. At which one place did Mahatma Gandhi first start his Satyagraha in India?
Ans - Champaran

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