Indian Polity Question For Assam Police Foreigners Tribunal Exam - Also For DEE, DHS, DME, SSC, RRB, TET Exam


Indian Polity Question For Assam Police Foreigners Tribunal Exam - Also For DEE, DHS, DME, SSC, RRB, TET Exam

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Indian Polity Question Answer for
Assam Police Foreigner’s Tribunal Exam & DEE DHS
SSC RRB GHC And Other Exam
(Education For Assam)

1. Who is the person fondly known as the Chief Architect of the Indian Constitution?
Ans:- Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

2. First attempt in world to constitute a Constituent Assembly to frame a Constitution was made by
Ans:- America

3. Which of the following word was added into the Preamble of the Constitution by the 42nd Amendment Act, 1976?
Ans:- Socialist

4. The procedure of Amendment to the Constitution is borrowed from the Constitution Of
Ans:- South Africa

5. Which of the following is not a Democratic Institution of the Rig Vedic era?
Ans:- Grama

6. During Medieval India, which kings first established ‘Local Self Government’?
Ans:- Cholas

7. The East India Company was established in the year
Ans:- 1600

8. Who started Dual Government in Bengal?
Ans:- Robert Clive

9. Who is the first Governor General of Bengal?
Ans:- Warren Hastings

10. The famous Dandi March laid by Gandhiji was against
Ans:- Salt Tax

11. Which proposal was referred as ‘Post Dated Cheque’?
Ans:- The Cripps Proposal

12. Indian National Congress started ‘Quit India Movement’ after the failure of
Ans:- Cripps Mission

13. Gandhiji gave a call to all Indians ‘Do or Die’, which is popularly known as
Ans:- Quit India Movement

14. Which Plan rejected the demand for the independent Pakistan?
Ans:- Cabinet MissionPlan

15. Partition of British India into two independent nations India and Pakistan was done according to
Ans:- Mountbatten Plan

16. Who of the following acted as the Constitutional Advisor to the Constituent Assembly?
Ans:- B. N. Rau

17. Which one of the following acted as the Provisional President of the Constituent Assembly?
Ans:- Sachidananda Sinha

18. The Constituent Assembly elected on 11.12.1946 as its Permanent Chairman
Ans:- Rajendra Prasad

19. Who elected the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Constituent Assembly?
Ans:- B. R. Ambedkar

20. The Chairman of the Drafting Committee to prepare a Draft Constitution of India was
Ans:- B. R. Ambedkar

21. The Constitution of Indiawas adopted on
Ans:- 26.11.1949

22. The Constitution of Indiacame into force on
Ans:- 26.01.1950

23. The Constitution of India contains (Articles, Parts, Schedules)
Ans:- Indian constitution had 395 articles in 22 parts and 8 schedules at the time of commencement. Now Constitution of India has 448 articles in 25 parts and 12 schedules

24. How much time did the Constituent Assembly take to prepare the Constitution of India?
Ans:- 02Y, 11M, 18D

25. Indiahas been described under Article 1 of the Constitution as a ?
Ans:- Union of States

26. The Constitution of India is ?
Ans:- Partly rigid and partly flexible

27. The Constitution of Indiadescribes Indiaas ?
Ans:- A Unionof States

28. The leader of the Bardoli Satyagraha (1928) was ?
Ans:- Vallabhbhai Patel

29. The ‘Quit India Movement’ started at and when ?
Ans:- Bombay, 08.08.1942

30. ‘Go Back to the Vedas’ was the motto of ?
Ans:- Swami Dayananda Saraswati

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