The Most Useful Animal - Essay For HSLC & 12th & School Students


The Most Useful Animal - Essay For HSLC & 12th & School Students

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The Most Useful Animal - Cow

     The Cow is most useful animal in our everyday life.
     The cow is a four footed animal and in the primitive age cows were also wild animal. In course of time, men used to tame cows and other animals. Since then the cow becomes a domestic animal.
     The cow is four foots with two horns, two ears, two eyes and a long tail. It has four hoofs under the feet. The hoofs are divided in the middle. The body of the cow is covered with fur. It is generally three to four feet high and five to six feet long.
     Cows are of varied colours. Some cows are black, some red, some white and some brown. They are found all over the world. The cow lives on straw, grass, oil cake, bran, gruel and such other things.
     The cow is a useful animal. Cow gives us milk. Of all the food, milk is the most nutritious. Many kinds of food and sweetmeats are made from milk. The bullock draws out carts and ploughs our field. The cow-dung is a good manure. It makes the land fertile. It is useful even after death. Combs, buttons and handles of knives are made from its bones and horns. Shoes, bags and such other useful things are made of its skin.
     The cow gives birth to a calf ordinarily every year. She is very innocent. But she becomes violent when any stranger comes near her little one.

     The cow is the most useful of all domestic animals. The Hindus regard the cow as a sacred animal. Everybody should be kind and take proper care of this useful animal.

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