Sankardeva, A Great Man of Assam Essay For HSLC & School Students


Sankardeva, A Great Man of Assam Essay For HSLC & School Students

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Sankardeva - A Great Man of Assam

     A number of great man have contribute in their respective fields towards building the ediffice of civilization of Assam. But the name which overshadows all other great man are Mahapurush Sri Sri Sankardeva, the great saint and philosopher. Sankardeva is a household word in Assam. But for him literature, religion, culture of Assam would have remained back-dated by several hundred years.
     Sankardeva was born in the village. Alipukhuri of Bardowa in the district of Nagaon in the year 1949. His parents died when he was very young. So he was bought up by his grandmother Khershuti. At the age of twelve he was sent to "tol" of the great schoolar Mahendra Kandali. He showed some extra ordinary signs of talent and scholarliness while he was under the care of Mahendra Kandali.
     Sankardeva preached Bhagawati Vaishnav dharma or Eksaran Nam dharma in Assam. But though a religious preacher he did not renounce the world like most of the other religious leader. He lived in the mindst of allorement and temptation and yet kept his soul pure and uncorrupted. He set out on pilgrimage twice accompanied by his followers and devotees and came in contact with many saints and learned men. Their ideas inspired him to bring about a religious revolution in Assam.
     Sankardeva stood against the meaningless rites and ceremonies of of his time time and preached a simple faith. The cardinal point of his religion is chanting of the name of God. He held the view that the same supreme soul exist in all creatures. So worship of many Gods and Goddesses is not at all necessary. All the followers of God have the same class - there are no touchables and untouchables.

     Sankardeva ushered in renaissance in Assam. He authored a number of books which laid the foundation of Assamese literature. He died at the age of one hundred and nineteen years.

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